Bahamas Spay & Neuter Program

OP 2013 and 2014 Results

Our 2013 and 2014 Operation Potcake programs have been a massive success.

In 2013 we spayed and neutered 2315 dogs in a two week period

In 2014 we spayed and neutered 1184 dogs and cats in a 1 week period

These results were achieved with a mix of amazing volunteers from both Bahamas and overseas.
A huge THANK YOU to everyone that worked so hard to make such a change in Nassau

One of the goals of Operation Potcake was awareness of animals issues and inbetween the spay and neuters many local people were able to find out the best ways to care for their animals in order to maximise their happiness. The ultimate winners are the stray animals that will enjoy a much more enriched life.