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July Meeting

Posted on Jul 21, 2012 in Latest News | 2 comments

The next planning meeting is Thursday, July 19th at 6 p.m. at the BHS Shelter. If you’d like to volunteer or simply find out more, please feel free to join us.

How can you help out?
~ We’re going to need people to speak to the schools in September, to speak to their churches starting now, to visit communities with information, to help spread the word!
~ We need people on committees to help find housing and food for the volunteers who are coming.
~ Can you sponsor a radio or newspaper advertisement?
~ Do you have a yard or empty building that might be perfect for one of the clinics? (We need sites with water and electricity available.)
~ Can you donate to the funding? There’s a donation button at Animal Balance’s site or you can drop funds off to the BHS or Baark. Be sure to specify it’s for Operation Potcake!
~ Can you donate any of the supplies we’ll be needing? There’s a list in one of the notes at this page.
~ There are many other ways to contribute! Please be sure to find out how you can help. See you on Thursday!


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  1. jeannie guffey

    Just returned from Nassau, and it broke my heart to see all the strays running loose, having to fend for themselves. Our tour guide said that the people couldn’t afford to feed their dogs, so they are left outside to pick up what they can. Also, saw dogs at the Queens landing. What does the Humane society do to care for these dogs?

    I appreciate any information you can give me regarding these animals.

    • doggiedoo

      Hi Jeannie
      Thanks for your message. The Humane Society and other animal groups in Nassau help as many of the sick and mangy animals as possible. They also help a huge amount of street dogs get adopted if they are people-friendly. Please donate to Operation Potcake, our spay and neuter campaign, to help reduce the number of stray dogs. You can read all about it on our website, We are aiming to spay and neuter 2000 animals in January next year and really need all the help we can get. This will greatly improve the lives of the dogs and enable the Humane Society to support even more in-need animals.

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