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Back to School Supplies Needed

Posted on Aug 20, 2012 in Latest News | 0 comments

It’s back to school time! And how does that help us? Well, some of the supplies were need are office-y, so now’s a good time to purchase them.

We’re looking for:

pens (zillions, according to Emma)

pencils (ditto)
markers (10 at least)
plastic pencil boxes to put them all in (5 at least)
clipboards (10)
notepads (10)
regular tape (10?)
masking tape (10?)
two-pocket folders (50)
calculators (10) (the small handheld kind)
dry erase board and markers (5)
Super Glue (100 tubes)
shipping tags (5 boxes of 500)

If you or anyone would know would be able to purchase these along with their school supplies, that would save us hunting them down closer to the time. Donations can be brought to Linda at the BHS to go to the storage unit.

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