Bahamas Spay & Neuter Program


February 26 to February 28 2016, we’ll be spaying and neutering as many cats as possible on New Providence, Bahamas, come and help us out! In addition we’ll be running a dog clinic at Georgetown, Exuma.


Due to the Canine Distemper outbreak on New Providence we will be focusing our energies on cats this year. We’ll need lots of volunteers still so please let us know if you can join us.

More information

Where will the clinic be held?

The Humane Society in Nassau, Bahamas


Who is organizing it?

EVERY animal protection organization on New Providence has joined forces to form a coalition to organize this campaign. The local organizations are; The Bahamas Humane Society, The Bahamas Veterinary Association, The Bahamas Ministry of Agriculture, BAARK!, Stray Busters, ARK, Proud Paws and Pink Potcakes.


What About The Future?

The initial Operation Potcake will address the cats and dogs who will probably never see a vet in their lives, while the 5-Year Low Cost Spay and Neuter Initiative will continue to address the sector of the populations who have owners in low income areas. The Veterinary Medical Association of the Bahamas (VMBA) has pledged to sterilize 60 animals a week at a cost of $50 per animal, which totals 3,000 animals per year. This would provide an almost immediate reduction in the number of unwanted dogs in the subsequent years, and would effectively jump-start the 5 year program.

This is a true milestone in animal welfare in New Providence, now we can work together to efficiently take control of the over population of dogs.


How much will people have to pay to have their animal spayed/neutered?

Nothing. The spaying/neutering is free, especially as many of the animals do not have owners. If anyone would like to make a donation, that would be welcome.


How much are the people doing this being paid?

Nothing.  All the people running the clinics are volunteers.  These people are all giving of their time (and in some cases, money) to help the animals of The Bahamas. Many are using vacation time, and all foreigners have paid for their own flights here.


But… doesn’t my dog need to have one litter of puppies first?

No. A female dog can lead a perfectly healthy life without ever having given birth to puppies.


How will the animals get to the clinics?

People that own animals can bring them in.  Strays will be picked up by volunteers. We will be having drop-off/pick up stations in each area.


I’d like to volunteer.  What do I do?

Let us know when you will be available (dates and times) and what you’d like to do.  We need helpers in recovery, drivers to drop off and pick up people and animals, people on the sites to talk to neighbourhood people who may ask questions, and more. Visit the Volunteer Page for more information,  email